1. VectorVest OnLine
It's more than a database, it's the most powerful stock-picking tool ever devised! Analyze, screen, rank and graph more than 8,000 stocks, over 190 Industry Groups, and 40 Business Sectors in just seconds!

2. Five Weeks of DAILY Updates
Use your existing internet connection to access updated data every evening, assuring that you're always on top of the market!

3. A "Click by Click" User's Guide
It's clear, concise, and informative. Read this easy to use guide to learn how to use VectorVest OnLine to its fullest capabilities.

4. FREE Instructional Video
Watch as Don Payton puts VectorVest OnLine through its paces, demonstrating all of the different ways that you can use it.

5. FREE copy of "Stocks, Strategies & Common Sense"
This classic book explains, in detail, the investment concepts that are the foundations of the VectorVest system.

6. FREE Technical Support
Our experts are ready to assist you from 8AM - 10PM EST Monday through Saturday.

7. Access to VectorVest Plug-Ins
ProTrader - With over 40 Technical Indicators & Sophisticated Chart Pattern Recognition Searches ProTrader is the Perfect tool for Traders.

Options Analyzer - This software accesses the VectorVest database and allows you to verify and examine the Profit/Loss implications at expiration of options trades, and it also allows you to perform sensitivity studies of all the factors affecting the option premiums prior to expiration. It is perfect for conducting Case Studies and for assessing potential trades.


8. A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not convinced that VectorVest OnLine is the best stock analysis and graphing software you have ever used, simply return your materials for a full refund. It's that simple.

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VectorVest OnLine
$59.00 per month
VectorVest OnLine
$645 for 12 months
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